about Japan Groundwork Association

about Japan Groundwork Association

Established in 1995, JGA works towards building sustainable communities through a national network of Groundwork Organisations (GO)

◆Promoting Groundwork

We work towards promoting Groundwork throughout Japan by assisting in the establishment of GO, and matching them up with corporate and government partners

◆Supporting Groundwork Organisations

We provide a variety of support to GO to help them achieve concrete results

◆Creating a national network

Through a national network, information on best practice is exchanged

◆Human resources development through training

Experienced Groundwork practitioners provide invaluable training at the National Groundwork Training Centre in Mishima City, Shizuoka

◆Working with government and the private sector

We establish working partnerships with government, the private sector and GO to raise awareness on Groundwork activities and increase participation

◆International exchanges with Groundwork UK

Strong ties with Groundwork UK and Groundwork trusts have resulted in skill exchanges that help promote Groundwork in our countries

Partner Ministries:
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Ministry of the Environment
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

◆International exchanges with Groundwork UK
◆International exchanges with Groundwork UK